29 March 2010

Rugby player showing off

After training, he stands with his back to his team mates and pulls down his shorts, showing off his arse and sweaty crack. The coach tells him to pull his cheeks apart 'cause the whole team wants a better view...

Rugby players on the bench

I stare at these beefy blokes in their kit, hairy thighs pressed against
each other, and admire those bulging shorts...

Tight CK undies

He stands there showing off his bulge in his skimpy, tight fitting briefs. Well toned body on display: muscular thighs, flat stomach, bulging biceps...

21 March 2010

Wet Calvin Klein briefs

His wet, tight fitting briefs mould themselves to his firm butt cheeks, the transparent material clearly showing off his arse crack.

19 March 2010

Rugby player showing strap

This player has no idea that I'm in the crowd taking photos of him as he plays. Tight fitting shorts ride up his hairy arse as he tackles revealing muddy straps stretched across his firm buttocks and a big bulge about to grind against the other players chest.

As he gets off his opponent, his shorts are pulled tight up the crack of his arse, strap stretched even tighter across his beefy cheek. Man, I want to rub his muscular arse and sweaty crack...

Black undies

Muscular hunk showing off his bulging trunks...

17 March 2010

Calvin Klein underwear

Another lad in tight, white undies showing off his bulge and fit body. Muscular thighs spread to show us everything he's got to offer.

Calvin Klein underwear

These are my favourite undies - white Calvin Klein briefs. These undies fit perfectly, always showing a big bulge and fitting snug around the arse.

This guy show it off to perfection...

16 March 2010

Rugby player's straps on show

As my team-mate bends over, I stare at him... his shorts pulled tight across his beefy arse, the straps of his jock visible thru the transparent material, his dark sweaty crack on show...

Rugby League players

I really enjoy watching these guys while they play, their tight shorts stretched across beefy arses and muscular thighs. During a tackle or scrum, shorts pulled up to show a flash of strap or bulging pouch. The scrum - all those guys bent over showing off their backsides in their sexy shorts. The tackle - one player pulls the other guys shorts up revealing dirty straps tight against muddy cheeks.